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Extensive services are available through the following projects, as indicated.  When you enroll in a project, you can choose the services that apply to your specific needs.

The Roaring 2020s

Strategic Planning Technology has just gone to hyperspeed! Over the next decade, all the “rules” as we know them will be changed. Music publishers, newspapers, magazines, and department stores have all been taken by surprise. Don’t let that happen to you.  You can’t plan your business in a vacuum. Examine the likely evolution of business, government, and society over the next decade. From there, plan your business strategy for the next 5 years, but be prepared to fluidly evolve every step of the way.

For more information about services related to The Roaring 2020s, send an e-mail with background information to: roaring2020s@pghpioneers.com.

Custom Services

Pittsburgh Pioneers focuses on innovations that leverage your technology and human resources.  This covers a broad range of projects.  With our multi-disciplinary and analytic background, as well as our network of partners, we would like the opportunity to demonstrate how we can meet your specific objectives.  Current topics include:

For more information about our custom services, send an e-mail with background information to: inquire@PghPioneers.com.

The America 2029TM Consortium

Business Model Development Use one of the revolutionary America 2029 business models to redefine your revenue streams.  Regardless of your current revenue sources, these virtually risk-free models allow you to create and explore additional opportunities to enhance revenue and build your business.

For more information about services related to the America 2029 Consortium, send an e-mail with background information to: inquire@america2029.com.

Living WidgetsTM Project

Global Supply Network Grow your supply network from your existing base of suppliers, using existing software, through Living Widget’s Internet-based interface.

Staffing By treating staff as a valuable asset to be managed, you gain unprecedented control over the future of your company.  Living Widgets lets you locate staff like any other product or service, while also allowing you to profit from employees leaving the company.

Technology Living Widgets provides a framework for the creation and management of technology, integrating what you develop with your needs for staffing and external products and services.

Business Development Leverage your business development efforts by providing an automated interface for prospects and customers to connect to your products and services.

For more information about services related to the Living Widgets project, send an e-mail with background information to: inquire@LivingWidgets.com.

World LyceumTM Project

Education & Training / Edutainment Traditional education and training are enhanced through online tools and edutainment features.

Marketing The world of marketing has been turned upside down.  The greatest impact has been the integration of marketing with all other functions.  World Lyceum seamlessly integrates marketing with comprehensive educational, training, and entertainment venues.

Staffing While participating in interactive edutainment programs, individuals may be auditioning for your company.  Attract the best employeeseven individuals aren’t even looking for a job.

Publishing Take publishing to a new level by making your works accessible to global markets through an integrated knowledge tool.  By referencing existing published works, your work becomes more valuable and more visible.

For more information about services related to the World Lyceum project, send an e-mail with background information to: WorldLyceum@PghPioneers.com.

Millennial CityTM Project

Investment / Real Estate Development Find out how your community can become part of a Millennial City.

Business Partnerships Regional, national, and global  partnerships will offer you numerous opportunities to expand your existing business.

Start-up Support There are many ways to kick start your business.  The Millennial City project offers multiple ways to grow rapidly on a shoestring budget.

Government Under the Millennial City project, companies willingly sign up for ways to generate revenue for local, state, and national governments.

For more information about services related to the Millennial City project, send an e-mail with background information to: inquire@MillennialCity.com.